Technofix bros. Einfalt Tin-Figures Fireman with syringe, who represents a joker with his body f

Item number: Feuerwehrmann Spritze (28152)

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Technofix bros. Einfalt

Kind of Toys:
Tin Figures

Feuerwehrmann Spritze

ca. 1928

Size (LxWxH in inch):
4,325" x 0,75" x 3,325"

Size (LxWxH in cm):
11,0 x 2,0 x 8,5 cm

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E Z2 132,00 2008; E Z1 90,00 2018

Fireman with syringe, who represents a joker with his body fullness, round face with boulbous nose and Tschako (helmet), he wears a blue uniform and yellow ocher-colored trousers, both with red bows, in front of the belly runs the syringe and in front of it an attachment to the Hanging the figure in a glass of water, at the back of the belt is an eyelet, so that the firefighter as a hanging figure, and since no pedestal, is not intended as a control figure, further on the belt on the left hip is a distinctive bag to see , the spray mechanism is designed so that first the water runs down in front of the belly, but when the water level rises high enough, the water splashes from the syringe, marked on the right side below the belt with Made in Germany and on the right side with DRP 8, this means DRP = German Reich Patent, DRP 8 is also seen by a clown riding a donkey of simplicity here in this database (51139), Gebruder Einfalt was known for the funny clown figures, and the funny firefighter fits very well, on the 10th picture with the somewhat faded fire brigade figure on the belt is the Gebruder Einfalt Logo GEN (Gebruder Einfalt Nuremberg) to see, with these 3 Marks simplicity Logo GEN, DRP 8 and Made in Germany, this firefighter with syringe is very well marked, DRP 8 does not mean here about the patent number 8, this is always higher, but about the year of the patent, here about 1928, or the end number of the patent number

Picture from: Jörg Muncke + Julina Harris

technofix geburder einfalt tin toy fireman with syringe

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