Unknown Tin-Figures Clown figure balancing toy. The clown stands precariously on

Item number: Clown balancierend (20015)

Intern number: 20015

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Kind of Toys:
Tin Figures

Clown balancierend


Size (LxWxH in inch):
L 9" H 9,5"

Size (LxWxH in cm):
L 22,9 H 24,1 cm

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E Z2 116,50 2009

Clown figure balancing toy. The clown stands precariously on the top of the ladder on a tiny dish, balancing on the toes of one foot, as if to say that using two feet would not have been difficult enough. He is not attached to the dish, he just balances on it. Just give the clown a nudge or a twist and he will bob and spin for a good long while. The clown figure is made of one piece of cast metal with the number 4 appearing in the casting on the side of the figure. The balance rod is spring steel, the weights at the end of the rod are lead, the ladder is stamped steel with a steel dish soldiered on top and the circular base is made of tin. The red and yellow paint on the figure appears to be nicely hand done. The figure is 8,5 cm tall

Picture from: Photo courtesy of James D. Julia auctioneers Fairfield ME www.juliaauctions.com

tin toy clown balancing

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