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Below is a list of Distler locomotives of gauge 0. The links in blue lead you directly to the respective article. Of the article numbers in black we are still missing pictures. If you can provide pictures of these locomotives, please use our form.


3LK 5LKredWitte 5LKblackWagnerTin_wheels 5LKblackWagnerPlastic-wheels 5LKblackWitte 6LKgreen/black 6LKred 6LKblackWagnerCast-wheels 6LKblackWagnerPlastic-wheels 6LKblackWitteCast-wheels 6LKblackWittePlastic-wheels 6LKblackWittePlastic-wheels30354 11LKgray/red/blackWitteCast-wheels 11LKblackWagnerTin_wheels 11LKblackWagnerCast-wheels 11LKblackWitteCast-wheels 12L 12LKbrown 12LKgreen 12LKblack 14LKgray/red/blackWitte 14LKblackCast-wheelsblack 14LKblackWagnerCast-wheelsred 14LKblackWitte 17LKgreenDeflectorgreen 17LKgreenDeflectorblack 17LKblack 19LKblue 19LKgreen1935 19LKgreen1938 19LKred 19LKblack1180 19LKblack1981 20/22 21/22 21LKblue 21LKblack1938 21LKblack1940 21LKblack1953withoutBuffer 21LKblack1953withBuffer 24LKgreen/black 24LKblack/green1180WheelØ30,5withDeflector 24LKblack1180WheelØ30,5withoutDeflector 24LKblack1180WheelØ33,5 24LKblack1280WheelØ30,5 24LKblack1280WheelØ33,5 24LKblack2120WheelØ30,5 24LKblack2120WheelØ33,5 24LKblackS3/6_1180WheelØ33,5 26LKTin_wheels 26LKCast-wheels 26LKCast-wheels40281 27/28 30LKbrown 30LKbrownCoupling rods 30LKbrownSand-downpipes 30LKblack 30LKblackCoupling rods 30LKblackSand-downpipes 33/34 36 36M 50 60/61bluegreen 60/61green/black22 60/61green/black61 62/63 70 80 1400LKgray/red/black 1400LKblack 2600 314 314W 503 503WR 533 533a 533W E31LK E33LK


Electric- Locomotives

27EL 38E 100 101/102 EL27 EL34



35 36 36/2_104 36/2TW104 37 37red/creme 37red/silver 37red/silverAMSTERDAM 37/2withTrain-shields 37/2withoutTrain-shields 40_105 40TW105 40/8 40/8-2-poarts 41 41/8 43 43/2 43/2B 43/2SBB 4R 4000 4100


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