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Toys railway locomotives Marklin Gauge II

Below is a list of Marklin locomotives of gauge II. The links in blue lead you directly to the respective article. Of the article numbers in black we are still missing pictures. If you can provide pictures of these locomotives, please use our form.







German Locomotives

Clockwork-Steam Locomotives


1851 1852 1853 1854 1022(1893) 1022(1895) 1022(1897) 1022(1899) 1022/26(1902)green 1022/26(1902)black 1022B(1895) 1022B(1897) 1022B(1899) 1022BN(1896imitated_spring_axle_bearing 1022BN(1896)trapezoidal_axle_bearings 1022BN(1897)green  1022BN(1897)black  1022BN(1899)green 1022BN(1899)black 1022BN(1901)green 1022BN(1901)black 1022N(1896) 1022N(1901)green 1022N(1901)black 1022R(1895) 1022R(1897) 1022R(1899) 1022RNN(1896)imitated_spring_axle_bearing 1022RNN(1896)trapezoidal_axle_bearings 1022RNN(1897)green 1022RNN(1897)black 1022RNN(1899)green 1022RNN(1899)black 1022RNN(1901)green 1022RNN(1901)green_only_forward 1022RNN(1901)black 1022RNN(1901)black_only_forward CE1022(1902 CE1022(1906) CE1022(1909) CEM1022 D1022(1900)green D1022(1900)black D1022(1908)green D1022(1908)black E1022(1900)green E1022(1900)black E10222(1904) E10222(1906) E10222(1908) EM1022 FE1022 K1022 PB1022(1904)green PB1022(1904)black PB1022(1906)green PB1022(1906)black PD1022(1901)green PD1022(1901)black PR1022(1904)green PR1022(1904)black PR1022(1906)green PR1022(1906)black R1022(1903)green R1022(1903)black R1022(1904)green R1022(1904)black R1022(1906)green R1022(1906)green_only_forward R1022(1906)black R1022(1906)black_only_forward T1022(1903)green T1022(1903)black


Current Power Steam Locomotives

D1022 D3022EB D64/3022 D64/3022EB E3022 FE3022EB FE64/3022EB


Spirit-Steam Locomotives

R4002 4002 4012green 4012black 4022(1898) 4022(1900) E4022(1903) E4022(1907) FE4022 R4022(1904) R4022(1906) V1022gray_yellow_black V1022green_blue V3022gray_yellow_black V3022green_blue



V3062 V3062EB


English Locomotives


B1022GNR B1022LNWR B1022MR D100ChD E1022GNR E1022LNWR E1022LSWR E1022MR OR1022LNWR PB1022GNR PB1022LNWR PB1022MR PR1022GNR PR1022MR R1022GNR R1022LNWR R1022MR T1022GNR T1022LNWR V1022CLR


Current Power Locomotives

D3022ChD V3022CLR


Spirit Steam Locomotives

4002GNR 4002LNWR 4002LSWR 4002MR 4012GNR 4012LNWR CE4022GNR CE4022NBR E4022GER E4022GNR E4022LNWR E4022LSWR E4022MR R4002GNR R4002LNSR R4002LNWR R4002MR


French Locomotives

E1022PLMgreen E1022PLMblack E3022PLMgreen E3022PLMblack E4022PLMgreen E4022PLMblack


American Locomotives

Clockwork Locomotives

1032 1032B(1898) 1032B(1901) 1032E 1032RNN AB1022(1903) AB1022(1906) AD1022 AE1022(1900) AE1022(1904) AE1022(1906) AFE1022 AR1022(1903) AR1022(1906) A1022RNN


Current Power Locomotives

AFE3022 AFE64/3022



4032(1898) 4032(1900) AE4022 AFE4022 AR4022(1904) AR4022(1906)


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