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Below is a list of Marklin locomotives of gauge II. The links in blue lead you directly to the respective article. Of the article numbers in black we are still missing pictures. If you can provide pictures of these locomotives, please use our form.

German Locomotives

Clockwork Steam Locomotives

1023 1023B 1023BNN(1896) 1023BNN(1898) 1023BNNF(1896) 1023BNNF(1898) 1023RNN(1896) 1023RNN(1898) 1023RNNF(1896) 1023RNNF(1898) D1023 E1023 ECE1023 R1023


Current Powert Steam Locomotives

AW3023 ECE64/3023 W3023


Spirit Steam Locomotives

4023(1898) 4023(1900) E4023 ECE4023 FE4023 FEM4023blau FEM4023grün FEM4023schwarz R4023 W4023


Current Powert Main Line Locomotives



English Locomotivea


E1023GNR E1023LNWR N1023GNR R1023LNWR


Spirit Steam Locomotives

CE4023GNR CE4023NBR E4023GNR E4023LNWR E4023MR

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