List of all item number from Bing passenger cars Gauge 1

Item number: 10/21

Intern number: AL1021

Category: Gauge I

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Below is a list of Bing passenger cars of gauge 1. The links in blue lead you directly to the respective article. Of the article numbers in black we are still missing pictures. If you can provide pictures of these products, please use our form.

German Passenger Cars

10/51green 10/51blueu 10/51brown 10/51red 10/52 10/55green2 10/55green1 10/55green3 10/55blue 10/55blue 10/55blue 10/55blueIII 10/55brown 10/55red17 10/55red19 10/56graybrown 10/56maroon 10/57green 10/57blue 10/57brown 10/57red 10/58Baggage 10/58Gepäck 10/58without_lettering 10/523brown 10/523green 10/524brown 10/524green 10/530 10/531 10/532 10/533teak-brown_with_interior 10/533teak-brown_without_interior 10/533blue_with_interior 10/533blue_without_interior 10/534teak-brown_with_interior 10/534teak-brown_without_interior 10/534blue_with_interior 10/534blue_without_interior 10/535teak-brown_with_interior 10/535teak-brown_without_interio 10/537blue 10/537teak-brown 10/538teak-brown 10/538blue 10/538green 10/539blue 10/539teak-brown 10/540blue 10/540teak-brown 10/540green 10/571 10/572 10/573 6249red 6249blue 6249yellow 7088red-green-yellow 7088yellow_red 7088burgundyels 7088burgundy6wheels 7114blue 7114brown 7114blue_wehite 7114blue_gas_tank 7115brown_pullman 7115blue_pullman28 7115brown_passenger 7115blue_emperor 7115blue_pullman34 7116green 7116blue 7129_21,5 7129_24 37143burgundy24 7143blue22,5 7143blue24 7143teak-brown 8402brown 8402red 8402blue1898 8402yellow 8402blue1 8402blue2 8402burgundy 8447 8148 9196green 9196yellow 9202red 9202brown 9206green 9206red 9207 9218darkbrown 9218lightbrown 9218blue 9219darkbrown 9219lightbrown 9219red 9692 10156green 10156red 10156blue 10157 10158green 10158blue 10158brown 10158red 10160green 10160blue 10160red 10161green 10161blue 10161red 10162 10163 10228 10241with_gas_tank 10241without_gas_tank  10242with_gas_tank 10242without_gas_tank 10243with_gas_tank  10243without_gas_tank 10286 10287maroon 10287orangeyellow 10288Bagages 10288Post 10328brown 10328gray 10344green 10344teak-brown 10366green 10366teak-brown 10366maroron 10366red 10366darkblue 10390teak-brown 10390red 10390blue 10391teak-brown 10391red 10391blue 10392teak-brown 10392green 10484green 10484brown 10485green 10485brown 10486green 10486brown 10628brown 10628blue 10639 13351green 13351red 13536teak-brown_dining 13536red_pullman 13536teak-brown_pullman 13536red_pullman 13537teak-brown 13537green 13556teak-brown 13556blue 13556red 13557France 13557teak-brown 13557green 13557red 13637 13638teak-brown 13638blue 13638red 13754 14188 14366dining 14366pullman


English Passenger Cars

8402 1026/B 13338MR 13339MR 13349LNWR 13350LNWR 15792MR 15793LNWR 15794GNR 15795LSWR 15892MR 15893LNWR 15894GNR 15895LSWR 16792MR 16793LNWR 16794GNR 16795LSWR 16892MR 16893LNWR 16894GNR 16895LSWR 17792MR 17793LNWR 17794GNR 17795LSWR 17892MR 17893LNWR 17894GNR 17895LSWR 18792MR 18793First 18793GNR 18793LMS 18793LNER 18793LNWR1906 18793LNWR1910 18793ambulance 18892MR 18893GNR 18893LMS 18893LNER 18893LNWR 22792MR 22793LNWR 22794GNR 22795LSWR 22892MR 22893LNWR 22894GNR 22895LSWR 62/130GWR 62/130LMS 62/130LNWR 62/230GWR 62/230LMS 62/230LNWR M1367MR M1390LNWR


French Passenger Cars

10228 10286 10287 10288 13556with_gas_tank 13556without_gas_tank 13557with_gas_tankd 13557without_gas_tank 13638with_gas_tank 13638without_gas_tank


American Passenger Cars

13638 13556passenger 13556dining 528/60 528/61NYC 528/62 528/63NYC 528/63Pennsylvania Passenger_Chicago_Milwaukee Passenger_Conversation_car Passenger_Mississippi Passenger_car_New_York_Central_Lines Passenger_Washington

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