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Below is a list of Distler passenger cars. The links in blue lead you directly to the respective article. Of the article numbers in black we are still missing pictures. If you can provide pictures of these products, please use our form.


3Ablue 3Amaroon 5Ablue1959 5Ablue1960 5Agreen1952 5Agreen1957 5Ared1957 5Art1959 11Bblue 11Bgreen 11Bred 11Bred2040 12Bblue 12Bblue_hellblue 12Bbrown 12Bgreen 14Cblue 14Cgreen 14Cred 14Cred24051 17Cblue 17Cbluegreen 17Cbrown 17Cdarkbrown1938 17Cdarkbrown1940 17Cdarkblue 17Cdarkgreen 17CWbrown 17CWdarkgray 17CWgreen 17CWgreen1621 17CWgreen1621_3Fans 17CWmaroon 19Eblue 19Egreen1930 19Egreen1938 19Egreen1940 19Ered1938 19Ered1940 19Ered_cream 1940 19Eviolet 19EWbrown 19EWgreen1938 19EWgreen1940 19EWred 21Egreen 21Egreen2041 21Ered 21Ered_automatic_couplers 21EWPostemblem_with_buffer 21EWwithReichsbahnemblem 21EWwithoutReichsbahnemblem 21EWwithoutReichsbahnemblem_automatic_couplers 21Fblue 21Fmaroon 21FW 23 24 24Ggreen_cream 24Ggreen_cream 24Gred 24Gviolet 24GWbrown 24GWgreen 26Ggreen_with_Buffer 26Ggreen_without_Buffer 26Gred_with_Buffer 26Gred_without_Buffer 26GW_with_Buffer 26GW_without_Buffer 29 30 30Hblue4wheels 30Hblue8wheels 30Hbrown4wheels 30Hbrown8wheels 30Hgreen 30Hred 30HredWithropa 30HWbrown4wheels 30HWbrown8wheels 30HWbrown8wheels_slidingdoor 35 50blue 50red 70 256/4_1/2Class 256/4_2/3_Class_smoothWindow_frames 256/4_2/3_class_Skylight  256/4_2/3_Class_embossedWindow_frames 257/4blue 257/4blueSkylight 257/4green 257/4green_with_skylight 258/4_1/2Class 258/4_2/3Class_smoothWindow_frames 258/4_2/3Class_embossedWindow_frames

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