Vichy Automata Paddy and the pig

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Tin Automata

Paddy and the pig


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Paddy and the pig. One of the most coveted of automata with incredible complexity and coordination of movements, in fine working order, mostly if not all original; the seated Mache head man has heaving chest, lowers right arm down to feed his papier Mache pig seated on the left knee, constantly tapping right foot while head turning side to side. He wears a long tail shirt waist jacket, vest, top hat, large bow tie and black leather shoes, he is seated on the top back of a "ladder" chair with faux wicker painted seat, the music box is contained in the base of the chair the mechanism in the torso of the man. Dangling under his right buttock is his cloth "Rucksack" and the pig has his "bib" tied around his neck. The pig also extends his tongue slightly when tempered by the food offering.

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vichy automaton paddy and the pig

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