Wilson A.B. Steam-Toys-Vertical-Steam-Engines Not much is known about this maker (not by me, anyway)

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Wilson A.B.

Kind of Toys:
Steam Toys Vertical-Steam-Engines

Vertical 9,5


Size (LxWxH in inch):
6,125" x 4,75" x 9,5"

Size (LxWxH in cm):
15,6 x 12 x 24 cm

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B Z3- 146,50 2012

Not much is known about this maker (not by me, anyway). It appears that they made two models of steam engine. They were both vertical oscillating cylinder engines but slightly different sizes and with minor differences in design. This is the larger of the two.
The copper boiler is 2" diam x 3" tall. It is mounted in top of the steel firebox, somewhat larger in diameter and housing a round two wick meths burner. The boiler has a single flue to the chimney. The slightly domed top has a safety valve but no whistle.
A short steam pipe, with a compression fitting on each end, feeds steam to a needle valve and simple lubricator on the top of the cylinder frame. The frame is an aluminium casting integrating the port face and crank shaft bearings. I've seen another example of this same model in which this casting is brass. I assume they are both original as it was quite common for makers to use whatever materials were cheaply available at this period.
The cylinder is a traditional oscillating type made in brass. It is 8.7mm bore x 20mm stroke. It is connected to a disk crank on one end of the crankshaft, on the other end of which is a 51mm diameter flywheel. The crankshaft diameter is 4mm which is standard for Meccano.
This example is mounted on a substantial wooden base with a nice brass name plate. This is not original and is obviously much newer than the engine, but it's so nice I have decided to keep it. General condition is fair for it's age. The paintwork appears to be original and is worn but not flaking.

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