Wyandotte Tin-Figures Humphrey Mobile Tin Litho Windup Toy Copyright Ham Fisher wi

Item number: 875 (23026)

Category: Wyandotte

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Kind of Toys:
Tin Figures


ca. 1940s

Size (LxWxH in inch):
L 8,5" H 7,5"

Size (LxWxH in cm):
L 21,5 H 18,5 cm

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E Z1-2 241,50 2007 E Z1 579,00 2007; E Z1+ 310,50 2008; B Z2 437,00 2009; B Z1- 2161,50 201062,00 2009; B Z2-3 191,00 2010; B Z3+ 261,50 2011; D Z3+ 190,00 2012; B Z2-3 350,50 2013; D Z2+ 277,00 2014; B Z3+ 240,00 2013; B Z2 213,50 2014; B Z3+ 187,00 2014; B Z1 wb 213,50 2016; B Z1 wb 325,50 2017; B Z1 wb 380,00 2017; B Z1 298,50 2017

Humphrey Mobile Tin Litho Windup Toy Copyright Ham Fisher with bright, clean glossy litho, when wound, the comic character rides his tricycle with his shack attached in a clockwise circle while his cap goes up & down, he waves his arm and his legs move. The rear door manually opens. The Wyandotte Toys logo is printed on the roof of the shack

Picture from: www.toysoftimespast.com Ebay-seller belgianmonk + www.bertoiaauctions.com

wyandotte 875 tin toy humphrey mobile

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