Montanari Dolls poured-wax doll represents a child of about 2-4 years of age

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Dolls Dolls


ca. 1880

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D Z2 802,50 2010

poured-wax doll represents a child of about 2-4 years of age. Hand-written on her stomach is: ?Montanari // 180 Soho Bazaar // London?. Head is molded turned to her left, original blue spiral glass eyes are factory-set, remnants of inserted blonde mohair covers her head under a silk satin bow, straw & cotton-stuffed body has poured-wax lower limbs. Head measures 5? tall, 6? across the shoulders and 3 ¼? front-to-back with 9 ¾? head circumference. Eyebrows are incised and hand-painted as are subtly rosy cheeks and two-tone mouth. She?s a ?good sitter? with stitched joints at shoulders, hips and knees; poured wax limbs have toes & fingers indicated with carving (some flattening of legs and four short splits at tops of legs, right foot is rebuilt with cracks in the wax above the ankle). Antique clothing is most probably since her first owner: cotton chemise under ruched & tucked gauze dress with lace insertion. A gentle expression in her eyes and face make this wax precious

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